Future Projects
Future Projects



 TransAlta Trail


GOAL: Provide a safe pedestrian/bike route from Fort Borst Park to Stan Hedwall Park


The TransAlta Trail


The TransAlta Trail plans are the result of a $300,000 grant from TransAlta to LCCT for the purpose of connecting the cities of Centralia and Chehalis with a safe, interesting route for bikes and walkers. This project is comprised of many sections. Each link is important to the completion of this trail.  Listed below are the sections with the proposed completion date and the cooperating agency involved.


Borst Park Trail phase 1&2

 Objective: Develop a 2 mile trail system in Borst Park around Borst Lake and the Sports Complex area.

Surface: Compacted gravel
Partners: The City of Centralia, Centralia School District, LCCT.

 Status:  Phase 1 Completed Sep 2009, Phase 2 Nov 2010


Skookumchuck River - North Connector

Objective: Provide a safe pedistrian /bike pathway over the Skookumchuck River, connecting Borst Park with Airport Road.

Surface: Paved

Partners: Department of Transportation, City of Centralia

Status:  DOT has announced plan to build an additional lane during bridge repair phase to accommodate shifting I-5 lanes, then later converting it to a barrier protected pedestrian/bike overpass, using concrete dividers for separation from vehicle traffic.

The I-5 bridge was completed in 2017 with a bike/pedestrian lane on the bridge.

What is now needed are ramps from Borst Park  and the south side to reach the I-5 bridge.  No firm date has been set to accomplish this.


Airport Road section

Objective: Provide a pedestrian/bike lane from Mellen Street along Airport Road to the Airport Levee Trail system and Town Center (Home Depot).

Surface: Hard surface

Partners: DOT, Lewis County, City of Centralia, Airport Board

Status: The 1.4 mile section of Airport Road that parallels   I-5 will have a seperate bike/pedestrian lane on the west side. Completed Nov 2014. 


Airport Levee Loop Trail

Objective:  Construct trail on top of existing levee that will complete a loop past Town Center.

Parking Area will be established at the south end.

Surface: Compacted gravel

Partners: Airport Board, Corp of Engineers, LCCT.  

Status: Completed Oct. 2010


South Connector

Objective: Establish a safe pedestrian/bike trail system to connect the Airport Levee trail to Stan Hedwall Park.

Surface: varied

Partners: City of Chehalis, State Parks, DOT, others

Status: Not in conceptual stage. 


Stan Hedwall Park trail system

Objective:  Establish a perimeter trail system similar to Borst Park trail

Surface: Compacted gravel

Partners: City of Chehalis, LCCT

Status:  In the planning stages.


Possible Future Trails

Chehalis River Walk

The Chehalis River Walk will extend from the trail in Fort Borst Park to the new sewage treatment plant at the end of Goodrich Road. This trail will give the public access to 6 miles along the scenic Chehalis River.  It will promote walking, running and bicycling that will be a family friendly way to enjoy the the outdoors in our area. The Port of Centralia has offered to host a portion of the trail on both sides of the Galvin Bridge through port property.

There is already a mile or more of trail along the river at the 'end of the trail' - called the Discovery Trail  It can be accessed from the end of Goodrich Road where there is a parking area.


Stan Hedwall Park Loop Trail - Possible project with grant and matching funds


See Map for proposed routes.