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 Easy exercise routes, right in town


Something that most of us have mastered on or about the age of one, is walking! It’s something you can do alone or with a friend. If you walk and you talk at the same time, and try to keep up a good pace, you are going to succeed in increasing your overall health. While at work, for a new twist on making good use of your break time, try these walking paths:
In Chehalis:
-From the corner of Chamber Way and Louisiana Avenue at Walgreens to I-5 Toyota, it is one-half mile. Circle back and you’ve just completed a mile.
-From the Vernetta Smith Library, head down Market Street to Safeway and you have just walked one mile. Double back and you’ve just doubled your workout & fun!
-The Willapa Trail – starting at the bridge at Hillberger Road (just around the corner from the Veterans Museum and the Steam Train) you can walk a paved trail to Tune Road - about 1 mile. (The trail actually goes all the way to Adna, but here we're looking for short, quick walks.)
-The Lewis County Historical Museum Walking Tour – Pick up your copy of this great resource at the museum. Along with the new Way –finding signs that have recently been positioned throughout the city by the Renaissance Committee, this is a wonderful and informative walking path that will not only give you insight into the history of Chehalis, it is a great route to start walking on a regular basis.
In Centralia:
-Starting at Fuller’s Grocery store and Hall’s Pharmacy, head north down Tower Avenue to Ayala Brothers Furniture store, and you have completed one-half mile. Loop around onto Pearl Street and go back to complete a very nice one mile loop.
-From Good Health Nutrition Center heading east to Washington Park and the Timberland Library, is one mile.
-Seminary Hill Trail is also an excellent trail for a bit more of a climb and nature walk. There are a great group of volunteers who keep this trail up, and this very nice resource is a credit to them. Maps are available at the Chamber office as well as other locations.
-Borst Park Trails –  enjoy the already developed trails within the park. Stroll along the lake, the Borst Family Home, and throughout the ball field areas.
-Rotary Riverside Park has a great 1/4 mile loop trail that goes along the Skookumchuck River. The concrete walking path stays dry all year.
Other options for those fair weather walkers:
-Yardbirds – our long-living “bird of wonder” mall, hosts many indoor walkers all year long.
-Lewis County Mall – also welcomes walkers and we need to be very thankful for this service to our community.
-Thorbeckes – They have two indoor tracks in their clubs. In Centralia, 16 times around the track surrounding the basketball court is one mile. At the Chehalis club, 14 times around the track overlooking the main floor completes one mile.
-There are also tracks at many of the local schools. After hours and on weekends when school events are not happening, many of these tracks are available to the public for use.
-If you have any favorite routes in town, let us know and we will add it to this site.
 Of course, there are many other routes and roads that you can take to get your walking done. Most of all, just get out there and walk. Shoot for a 15 minute mile if you can. Do it for you, for your family by setting a good example, and for your community. Let people know that our cities and towns are great places for people to get strong, get healthier, and enjoy a quality life. I’m sure it would be fun to stop and shop once and a while too! You just might find something new along the way. Happy Trails!