Trail Information
Trail Information

Good things take time. With patience and continuous effort, these projects will move forward to eventually benefit everyone in our community. 


Willapa Hills Trail Print



Length: 56 Miles Chehalis,WA to South Bend, WA
Surface: Paved 5 miles from Chehalis to Adna
             Compact gravel 21 miles from Adna to Pe Ell

             Mixed surfaces 24 miles Pe Ell to Raymond
             Paved 6 miles Raymond to South Bend
See a Google Map of the entire 56 miles
Directions to Chehalis trailhead:
From I-5 take exit 77.
Parking lot at Hillberger trailhead
Left at light on Riverside Dr. Slight left on SE Newaukum Ave . Left on SW Sylvenus St.  Right on SW Hillberger Rd. to the large newly paved parking area at the Chehalis trailhead.
The trail is a beautiful break from city life that starts just minutes from downtown Chehalis. On the way to Adna it crosses two century old trestles that cross the Newaukum and Chehalis Rivers. As it crosses Tune Rd, Shorey Rd and Hwy 603 it  provides beautiful country scenes and a glimpse of Mt. Rainier away from the busy highways nearby. It parallels Hwy 6 for a short section before it crosses the highway  at Stearns Road.  The trail  then goes  past a private manmade lake that was used for barefoot waterskiing competitiions, then behind Adna High School to the Adna trailhead.  The trail continues past the parking area for another 3/4 mile across Bunker Creek Road, past a sheep farm and continues ton to Pe Ell without detour. From Pe Ell to South Bend see the google map for trail conditions. 
A major problem of the trail has been at the Littell crossing at Hwy 6. There is poor sight distance where the trail crosses this major Highway. Good News: an overpass of Highway 6 at this location has been funded and should be completed by the end of 2021.
                              Access to Willapa Hills Trail Sections
Mile       Road Crossings                                Surface                               Access
0             Hillberger Road, Chehalis, WA                                                   Hillberger Rd.
2.0         Hwy 602
4.6         Bunker Creek Rd, Adna, WA                                                      
5.2         Trestle # 5 -                                        5.2 miles paved                 Bunker Cr. Rd.

5.2         Trestle # 5 - 
6.5         Spooner                                             1.3 miles gravel                 Clinton Rd.

6.5         Spooner Trestle
9.6         Ceres Hill Road crossing                 3.1 miles gravel                 Ceres Hill Rd.

9.6         Ceres Hill Road crossing                                                              Ceres Hill Rd.
12.5       Meskill Road
15.0       Rainbow Falls State Park
16.0       Dryad,WA                                             6.4 miles gravel                 Dryad, WA

16.0       Dryad-
22.0       Pe Ell, WA                                                 6 miles gravel               Pe Ell

22.0       Pe Ell, WA                                          28 miles ballast??            Raymond         
50+        South Bend,WA                                   6 miles paved                 South Bend  or Raymond            


Walking Trail at Riverside Park

Trail: Riverside loop
Length: 4/10 mile
Surface: Concrete
Directions: Park entrance is at Harrison Ave and Lowe St. , next to Panda Restaurant. 

The walking trail at Centralia's Rotary Riverside Park is a half mile loop that goes around the park and along the Skookumchuck River for a short stretch. It is a good place to get a quick 'nature fix' right in the middle of the city.

Improved all-weather trail at Riverside Park

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Discovery Trail along the Chehalis River Print

Trail: Discovery Trail
Length: 1.5 miles
Surface: Crushed gravel 

FROM CENTRALIA/CHEHALIS AREA: Take Exit #82 from I-5 onto Harrison Avenue. Follow west (toward Ford’s Prairie) through Galvin Road intersection (traffic signal) and 1.5 miles farther to Goodrich Road on Left. Follow Goodrich Road to its end, past the Wastewater Treatment Plant to gate and parking area on right. Trail begins at the parking area.

Please remember that the Trail is adjacent to a private, working farm.  Stay on the trail and give farm equipment  the right of way.  Horseback riding, camping, fishing, motor vehicles, hunting, etc. are not allowed.

  The Discovery Trail follows the bank of the Chehalis River for over a mile on property purchased for Centralia's  wastewater treatment system. The Chehalis River Land Trust and the City of Centralia Utilities Dept. were instrumental in developing this trail.  Many trees have been planted by volunteers in the area to slow erosion and eventually help cool the river. It is used (by appointment) for school groups and other organizations. It's a great birding area as well as just a peaceful walk along the river. The Discovery Trail is at the north end of the proposed 6 mile Chehalis River Walk starting in Borst Park.
Have fun - bring your binoculars.

 Contact for information.

Airport Levee Trail Print

Trail: Airport Levee Trail
Length: 3.5 miles
Surface: 2 miles compacted gravel on levee
             1.5 miles sidewalk and pavement along retail area
Parking: At the Airport parking lot and also at any of the retail businesses along the trail 
Directions to Airport Trailhead: From I-5 take exit 77.  Go north on Louisiana Ave .5 mile. Left on NW Airport Road to parking area on the right.

From the parking lot the trail begins on top of  the levee. It continues for 2 miles along Airport Road past Riverside golf course, with a view of farm land on one side and the airport on the other. As it heads  towards the freeway  it drops off the levee and rises up again to Louisana Ave behind Uhlmann Motors.  For the next 1.5 miles the trail is along the sidewalk and roadway of retail businesses - Home Depot, Walmart, K-mart ... back to the parking area on Louisiana Ave.Sign by Parking Area

The levee, protecting the airport from flooding,  is an important link in the TransAltaTrail that will eventually  connnect  Centralia and Chehalis with a traffic-free walking/biking route. 

The trail is a result of cooperation between the Corp of Engineers, the Chehalis/Centralia Airport and Lewis County Community Trails.  The Corp has  repaired the damage from the 2007 flood and the Airport board and LCCT have matched funds to complete the widening and gravelling of the  levee surface  completing the loop trail.

See Airport Levee Map

Borst Park Trails

Borst Park Trails:  Directions: Take I-5 exit 82, West on Harrison, left on Belmont

Loop trail:  Length 2 miles,  Surface Compacted gravel

Smooth Mile Trail:   Length 1 mile,  Surface Blacktop

Lake Trail: Length 1/2 mile,  should be reopened soon after the I-5 DOT projects are completed in early 2016

The trail loop consists of two loops. The first loop circles Borst Lake for a little over half a mile. The second loop meanders past the dog park, rhododendron gardens  to the Borst Historic Home. From there it continues past the boat launch on along Bryden Ave and through the new sports complex where it returns to the trailhead by the lake. 

The Smooth Mile trail is exactly one mile with distance markers every quarter mile.

They are used by a variety of park patrons: old, young, strollers, joggers, dog walkers, Jr. High runners and more.   Their heavy use has shown the need in this area for more places to get outdoors and exercise in a safe natural setting. 

The trails are the result of the cooperation between the Lewis County Trails Assn, Centralia Parks Department, Centralia School District and the Public Facilities District.  

See Detail Map  

Seminary Hill Natural Area Print

 Trail: Seminary Hill
Length:  various trails with a total length of 2.5 miles
Trail surface: dirt

Directions to Trailhead and Parking: From downtown Centralia. Go east on Locust St. 5 blocks to Barner Drive. 

Amenities located at park:
• Natural areas/open space
• Parking lot
• Primitive trails
• Picnic tables
• Interpretive signage

This large 73 acre urban natural area occupies hilltop property overlooking Centralia, the Chehalis and Skookumchuck River valleys and the municipal water reservoirs on Seminary Hill Road.

The original property holdings consisted of the reservoir lands. The open space area was enlarged in the 1980s with the assistance of the local conservation group Friends of Seminary Hill. A trailhead was later established at the end of Barner Drive, providing public access to the natural area’s steep trails, woods and vistas. The 2.5 mile trail system is generally in good condition depending on weather. 

Go to  Seminary Hill Map detail  

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